Sally Cummings - artist, designer, crafter, librarian, foodie, geek.

I'm an emerging artist and designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I create clean and colourful designs that involve a combination of controlled and fluid elements. My drawings and surface patterns are inspired by the shapes and colours I observe in the world around me. My favourite media include pigment liners, ink, watercolours, acrylics and digital media. I love creating designs for embroidery, textiles and surfaces - there's nothing more exciting than seeing my designs in other people's hands and homes!

In library land, I enjoy exploring how new technologies can contribute to innovative library services and training delivery. I was recently employed at OCLC's Melbourne office, and previously worked at Charles Darwin University Library, the Victorian Parliamentary Library, Victoria University Library, and the Department of Defence (in my pre-library career). I've presented at the ALIA Information Online Conference, the International M-Libraries Conference and the ALIA Top End Symposium.

I hold a Master of Information Studies, a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry), and a Certificate IV in Visual Arts.

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