Hmm, I'm not doing a very good job of daily blogging this year. I took the weekend off, a much needed break :) But now I have some catching up to do!

So I'm going to start getting back on track with a post about my cat - of course, you should know by now to expect blog posts about Roxy on a fairly regular basis - and her YouTube stardom.

Perhaps I exaggerate when I say stardom, but although I've posted a few videos of Roxy on my YouTube channel, there's only one that's really taken off in terms of viewing stats. It's a video that I uploaded back in 2009 of Roxy trying out her Drinkwell pet fountain for the very first time. So far it's amassed 7,731 views :)

My partner Tim also has a few videos on Youtube, including one that has even more views than Roxy (curses!). It's a video that he filmed during our holiday in New Zealand in 2006. A pair of cheeky keas took to our rental car, as they are wont to do. Please excuse the very bad language towards the end of the video when Tim stopped thinking it was funny and realised that the car was in real danger!