Wow, this last few weeks has been a real learning curve!

I purchased my domain name, selected Yola as my website builder and host, put together a bit of content, and published my site!

Well, I thought it was going to be that easy. It turned out that my domain name purchase did not include domain management, and I couldn't direct my site to my domain (hello hidden costs!). Enter: ZoneEdit to the rescue!

Yola uses templates to make it really easy to start up a blog and website. But, of course, I started fiddling around with more complex stuff before long. Well, it sure seemed complex to me!

So now I have several lovely widgets, thanks to Twitter and LibraryThing. I have mucked around with HTML (eek, a foreign language!). I got myself a Creative Commons licence, which is now displayed on each page. I also embedded a couple of YouTube videos.

There is now a comments facility on the blog entries using Disqus. Hint, hint :) Unfortunately it's only visible when you open an individual blog entry, not from the home page.

I've also now directed my RSS feed through FeedBurner. If you had already subscribed to my blog, please re-subscribe using the new feed (pretty please!).

I know there's lots and lots of stuff I have yet to learn about, and it's kind of exciting figuring it all out. If you have any feedback or comments, I would love to hear from you!

(which reminds me - next task is to figure out how to add a shielded email address...)