There have been quite a few blog posts and tweets this year about why people are still participating in #blogjune (or why they aren't). And indeed on why people are blogging at all (or, again, why they aren't). It's really interesting to hear people's thoughts on this, as we all have slightly different perspectives and motives.

Kate Davis' post on Libraries Interact is a good place to start if you're interested in this discussion, and it includes a couple of links out to other posts too.

For myself, I love doing #blogjune for many reasons. I love the feeling of community, of taking part in an activity shared with friends and people that I respect. I enjoy sharing my thoughts, and getting a glimpse into others'. And knowing that most of us are just as engaged with reading posts as with writing them means that we'll generally reach a bigger (and broader) audience than we might at other times of the year. I love the unexpected discussions that pop up, as people put aside their planned blog posts and respond to someone else's instead. I like the fact that participants don't really have time to spend days crafting their posts, so they are a little more spontaneous and rough and freeform than they might otherwise be. And although I'm in awe of people who can write about professional topics every day, I also love the glimpses of people's ordinary (or often extraordinary) personal lives and activities that are shared during #blogjune.

And that's why I love #blogjune.

Next post:  Some thoughts about library blogging :)