The main reason that I'm starting a blog is to help me to communicate with family, friends and colleagues when I move to Darwin. But I don't just want to keep an online diary.

I'd thought about setting up a website and/or writing a blog for a long time, but I felt that it should be 'about' something. That's partly why it's taken me so long to get started. But now I've realised that I can't maintain a blog on just one (or two) subjects for an extended period of time, because that's not how my mind works. I'm interested in lots of different things, and it's not really in my nature to focus on just one subject. I'll get distracted, or find new interests, and then my website would become neglected.

So I've decided that this blog is just going to be about whatever I am interested in at the time. Sometimes it will be about my travel experiences, sometimes it will be about career and professional issues, sometimes it will be about my hobbies or interests, and sometimes it will just be about whatever is going on in my life at the time.

Anyway, please bear with me as I figure out what I'm doing, and thanks for visiting me online!