Well, I guess I really have been nervous about sharing my artwork, as it's nearly halfway through June and I still haven't posted anything from my course yet!

It's funny - I don't feel any hesitation about sharing the results of my daily creative challenges. I suspect it's because they're quick and small, and of necessity there are limitations on how much time and effort I can spend on them.

My art school assignments are a different matter. I've spent more time on them, and put more thought and work into them. Sharing them is just that little bit scarier, simply because I tried harder. Fellow perfectionists will understand what I'm trying to say here (and I have another blog post in draft all about that!).

Sometimes the assignment work also really needs some context to go along with it - such as the one I'm (finally) sharing in this post. We received this assignment on our second day of classes. After watching a Powerpoint presentation, we were given the following brief: create two pages of a zine; with subject matter based on a shortlist of books and films; in either Art Nouveau or German Expressionist style; with a contemporary twist; in three weeks.

I felt totally overwhelmed. My internal dialogue was a wail of "But I don't even know how to draw!" and "Isn't anyone going to teach us anything first?". Tears got the better of me at the morning tea break, but a lovely fellow student comforted me. It turned out I wasn't alone in feeling that way.

Anyway, long story short, here is my final piece :)

Harry Potter subject guide in Art Nouveau style

Click on the image to see a larger version in Flickr. The two pieces are also uploaded individually to my Art School 2016 Flickr folder.