I loved Snoopy and Peanuts when I was young. In fact, I still love them. So when I saw a sweet cross stitch pattern of Snoopy and his doghouse on eBay, I snapped it up.

I completed the stitching in January this year, and found a neat little blue photo frame that suited it just right - it matches his collar :)

Snoopy's Doghouse Cross Stitch - Framed

The pattern had called for 14 count Aida fabric, but I decided to use 16 count instead. This reduced the design down to just the right size for a standard photo frame. The stitches were smaller too, of course, which I think worked well for this design. And it probably used slightly less thread, which was lucky because I used almost an entire skein of red embroidery thread as it was! I was starting to get worried that I would run out, and there is always a risk of dye lots not matching. So phew :)

This was all that was left of a whole 8 metre skein of thread (stitched in 2 strands) -

Leftover red

It was a fun little project. I really enjoyed watching Snoopy take shape, especially when adding the backstitch for the comic strip drawing lines.