We have a cat. Her name is Roxy. I love her.

Except when she throws up on the carpet, scratches the furniture, sheds hair all over my clothes, sprays on the laundry hamper (only once, when she was stressed), won't swallow the darn tablet, causes an allergic reaction when she scratches me, hogs the doona, and rips up the carpet at the front door so that we can't get into the house.

But then she snuggles up to us in bed each night, follows us around the house because she likes to be in the same room as a human, supervises the laundry, runs crazily around the house for no reason, is happy to be carried around without struggling, chases lights and shadows, sits on our laps when it's cold, is friendly to visitors, and rolls over for a tummy rub at the drop of a hat.

Here's a video of Roxy playing with a rubber band. She only likes toys that cost less than $2.00. Preferably with a human being attached to the other end. Such as pieces of paper, cardboard boxes, aluminium foil or soft toys scavenged from goodness-knows-where (or Tim's sock drawer as the case may be).

If the video is too small, you can expand it to full screen, or view it on my YouTube channel HERE.