Thanks to all who offered kind wishes for my mid year review at art school yesterday :)

I was really happy with how it went. My display table looked good (see previous post), and although I didn't love every single piece that I produced this semester, overall I was pleased with my progress and how much I'd achieved. In fact I am quite chuffed.

In the formal review, I got some really good feedback about my skills development across the semester. The teachers said that pattern, colour and a developing use of texture are a strength. Textile design was suggested as an area to explore further, which I was happy to hear as it's a strong interest of mine. Next semester I need to slow down a bit on trying new things all the time and consolidate my existing skills :)

I previously mentioned the peer review session - the critique of my work included some great comments about my use of colour, attention to detail and mixed media techniques (thanks Chiara!).

I also got some lovely feedback from a couple of the teachers on the afternoon before the formal review. One said that they could see an illustrative style emerging that was colourist and quirky (I like that!). Another teacher said I was doing interesting work on the edges, with a nice reference to permaculture theory. We'd been talking about the tension between neatness and messiness in art, and finding our own place on the spectrum.

We were invited to incorporate some work that we'd done outside the course, so I included a box of my favourite index cards for people to flick through. Most of my teachers and fellow students hadn't seen them before, and they got a lot of interest. Every time I came back to my table they were in a different order, as people shuffled through them :) They received an honourable mention in my review too. I appreciated the opportunity to show what I enjoy doing in my own time.

Box of index cards