Isn't it funny how a flurry of blogging activity (a la #blogeverydayofjune) is always followed by an extended burnout-induced hiatus :)

My energy levels have been at an all time low this year (possibly the topic of another blog post), and blogging has fallen to the bottom of the to-do list. In fact, a whole lot of things fell off my to-do list. But lately I've started to regain a bit of my former vim, and have been making an effort to get re-involved in the things I love - both online and offline.

One of the things I've been doing is catching up on my blog reading, and I want to make a special mention here of my friend Steph (aka Bookgrrl) who writes a terrific blog called There she goes. Steph has really inspired me to get back into blogging again, and to find my own voice. As well as being a great writer who entertains and connects with her readers, Steph has been really making an effort to blog consistently and let people get to know her. Thank you Steph for being a wonderful bloggy role model :)

So, I'm going to dust off some drafts and dream up some ideas - stay tuned :)