My right arm started hurting on Thursday, getting progressively worse during the day. The pain was brought on by any twisting motion of the arm, which included using the computer mouse and keyboard, as well as using cutlery, lifting my handbag, getting dressed, etc.

I thought it might be a pinched nerve, but when I saw a doctor on Friday she diagnosed it as shoulder bursitis - a kind of inflammation. I was ordered to rest it for several days, but also to make sure it didn't become stiff (which is why I'm spending a small amount of time on the PC today). Although there was a possibility that this could be a long-term concern, it was most likely to be short-term.

Confession: I had a bit of a cry in the doctor's office. At the time I didn't know why I was so upset, but the reason occurred to me this morning.

For the first time, my shoulder and arm started feeling better rather than worse. Phew! Confirmation that this is a short-term problem that will pass within a few days. And that was when I realised how worried I'd been that this might be a long-term problem.

In the doctor's office, I had seen a tiny glimpse into a possible future without full use of my right arm. All the things that I enjoy doing - for work, leisure and life's necessities - flashed in front of my eyes with a big question mark over them.

So today I am going to continue to rest my arm (plus heat packs and anti-inflammatory medication). And I am going to think about those less fortunate than myself, people with disabilities that prevent them from fully participating in the activities which I take for granted. And I'm going to think about what can be done to make some of those activities more accessible to everyone...

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