Tim recently complained about me steaming up the bathroom with my hot shower. Fair enough too - the last thing you want in this humidity is to have more steaminess added on top of it. Except I hadn't had a hot shower. I'd had a cold shower. Just like I have every day for the last 2 or 3 months (though the cold water is never really cold at this time of year). Darwin is a very hot and humid place right now.

This wet season has been disappointing - not very wet at all. We've had one really lovely weekend of monsoonal rain ... and that's it. The last I heard, we're not expecting any more serious rain until late February. There's a few showers scattered about, and plenty of teasing thunder. But I am aching for it to rain!

Tropical downpours are the *best* part of the wet season! After so many dry months, it's wonderful to have a change in the weather - the frogs come out, plants grow crazily, everything becomes lush and green. Most importantly, the rain provides temporary relief from the neverending humidity that starts in October and doesn't go away until April. And when you're sitting inside with the aircon on watching it rain, you can even kid yourself it's cool outside :)

Ah well. Here are a few photos of some of the nicer aspects of the wet season, including a rare spot of rain ...

Clouds at sunset

Frog on the wall

A storm!

It's raining, it's pouring

Roxy is having second thoughts about her decision to go out onto the balcony in the rain