Whee! We're off to Darwin!

We've been looking forward to this day for some time :) We had to postpone our plans a couple of times due to finances and family circumstances, but now the time is right and everything is falling into place!

I've landed a liaison librarian position at the university in Darwin - starting in about 2 weeks(!). I'm looking forward to it so much! :) And I'm getting some good vibes about my new employer too, everyone's been really helpful and friendly so far.

I've been out of the academic library sector for a little while, but I think that the liaison librarian role will be a very good fit for me. I'm passionate about forging win-win relationships between the library and the rest of the organisation, I love preparing and delivering training sessions, and I look forward to the opportunity to develop and implement innovative services for clients. I'm also looking forward to being part of a wider community of academic librarians who are doing terrific work all over the country. :)

Right now, we're a bit frantic with getting ready to move to the other side of the country! Tim's busy working on renovations in preparation for renting our house out. I'm going through boxes, cupboards and rooms trying to lighten our load by doing the biggest "weeding" job that we've ever experienced. We're making decisions on what comes with us and what goes into storage - although we still have the uncertainty of not knowing what size house or apartment we'll be renting in Darwin. And we're also trying to figure out how to transport a cat and a boat! *lol*

But it's worth it! :) The adventure of living somewhere new, experiencing a different lifestyle and climate, meeting new people and making friends, and learning the ropes of an exciting new job in the academic library sector - I have high hopes!

Now, I'd like to give a big shout-out here to my wonderful colleagues and friends in Melbourne and beyond. I have been so fortunate to have people to talk to about my decision making process - so many have helped me negotiate through the pros and cons of different jobs, given interview hints, provided insight into potential employers, and put me in touch with other helpful people. I am blessed. Thank you all!! *hugs*