I first discovered Georgette Heyer's books when I babysat the children of a family friend. I can't recall now whether she loaned me some of the books, or whether I read them at her house after the children had gone to bed, but I do vividly remember that she had a whole shelf full of them, and I thought it was wonderful!

Once I started reading Georgette Heyer, I couldn't stop! I absolutely devoured her books as a teenager. The Regency romances were my favourites, but I also enjoyed her historical romances from other time periods.

The first of her books that I ever owned a copy of myself was Simon the Coldheart. I remember taking it with me to school camp :) Other favourites include The Corinthian, These Old Shades, Devil's Cub and Black Sheep.

I accumulated a few more of her books over the years, but it's actually quite difficult to find second-hand copies. I prefer the old Pan editions of her books, rather than new copies, as they are the versions that I originally read - the feeling of nostalgia is like a bonus sensory input :)

A few years ago, though, I hit the mother lode! I managed to snag a bulk lot of about thirty Georgette Heyer historical romances at a local market. When I combined them with those I already had, I found that I was only missing three of her historical fiction novels (that's now only two, thanks to @GirrlitsBooks).

Last year I rediscovered my love of old-fashioned mystery novels, and tried a couple of Georgette Heyer's mysteries for the first time. They were also great fun to read, and I'm now working on completing that collection too!

Thanks to a recent influx of bookshelves in our house, I was finally able to move my collection out of the box they'd been stored in and onto a shelf - and now I have my very own shelf full of Georgette Heyers :)

My Georgette Heyer book collection

If you're interested in viewing my collection in more depth than the photo, I have, of course, catalogued all of my Georgette Heyers on LibraryThing!