I was a bit surprised that I hadn't written more craft-related blog posts this month, considering how much I talk (and think) about it, but then I realised that I've spent so much of my spare time blogging that I didn't have much time left over for crafting!

Despite that, I did find some time to play with my new crafty toy. It's a French knitting bee, also known as a knitting nancy or a spool knitter (remember those cotton spools with nails hammered into the top?). Most people come across these tools as children. There's a lovely web page called The Lost Art of Knitting Nancies that explains how they're used, and even roadtests the different varieties available.

They're very easy to use once you get the hang of it. French knitting produces a knitted tube (or cord) that varies in diameter depending on the number of prongs. I used a YouTube video to help get me started. I have since discovered that French knitting is very easy to do while on the train and watching television, so it's easy to find time to do it. And it works up quite quickly - I timed myself and found that I can produce about 11cm of knitted cord in 10 minutes.

I came across some variegated yarn in Christmassy colours at Lincraft and thought it would make a great Christmas tree garland. Here's what I've made so far, and I think it's looking pretty good :)

Knitting Bee - Christmas Garland