I didn't really intend for this month's blog posts to be of the "what I did today" variety. Mostly because a mixture of the wet season, assignments, work and tiredness over the last few months have meant that I don't usually do very much that's worth reporting on. But now that the semester is over, assignments are finished, work is settling down and the weather is so much better, I'm finding that I'm getting out and about a bit more. And since the original intent of this blog was to keep my friends and family up-to-date with what I'm doing, it seems kind of appropriate to be blogging along those lines after all. Regular readers of my blog will find that my blog posts are occasionally in a completely random chronological order. Today's post, though, is simply about what I did this afternoon :)

After work today, I caught the bus to Fannie Bay to meet up with the other members of the ALIA Top End committee. I left work early so that I would have some time to stretch my legs and get a bit of fresh air before the meeting. It feels like ages since I've taken the time to do something like that. So once I arrived, I bought a lime milkshake from the Cool Spot and took it down to the nearby park overlooking Fannie Bay.

For those who don't know Darwin well, Fannie Bay is a well-to-do suburb just north of the city. It would be a very nice place to live, if you had a spare couple of million lying around. I took a couple of photos of the bay on my phone. You can see a few boats out on the water, they're 'parked' near the sailing club.

Fannie Bay 1.

Fannie Bay 2

While I was there, a couple of tourists asked me if I would recommend the Fannie Bay fish & chips shop. I couldn't tell them since I hadn't eaten there myself, but we got into quite an animated discussion of the pros and cons of Darwin's fish & chips shops. My main gripe being that the batter here is usually something awful, and completely ruins whatever they coat in it (this makes the potato cakes here almost as bad as the NSW version, potato scallops). Anyway, I assured them that the quality of the fish itself was bound to be good, and noted that the Fannie Bay fish & chips shop was the only one where I had seen a vege burger on the menu - as a vegetarian, I take this to be a sign of superior quality ;)

I saw the visitors again when I headed back to the Cool Spot for my meeting, and was happy to hear they found the fish & chips delicious, and were highly complimentary about the quality of the batter - light & crispy. It sounds like it's worth the extra travel from our place and, as you can see from the above photos, we wouldn't have any trouble finding a nice spot to enjoy a meal :)

I also took the opportunity to snap a daily image. Although I'm no longer doing it every day, I'm still trying to upload a photo a couple of times a week if I can. You can see them in my Flickr set HERE.

Daily Image 2011 - 7 June

P.S. I've got to stop ordering lime milkshakes whenever I see one one a menu! I'm not 5 years old anymore - total sugar overload!