I'd never tried origami before this year, but in the space of a few months I picked up the bug! I bought a book on origami for beginners (oh alright, it's actually called Origami for Children), some lovely origami paper from a couple of Japanese shops in Melbourne, and an origami-a-day calendar for 2012. A friend of mine also gave me some origami paper that she'd bought in Japan.

My origami paper supplies are still boxed up in the craft room / home office - I can't wait to unpack them! - but I took this photo of one of my early efforts and can share it with you now:

Friday Photos 2012 Week 15 - Easter

This particular pattern was quite tricky, and I had to go looking for extra tips on the internet in order to complete it. But it's such a pretty little thing, it was worth the effort :)

I'm sure I'll have lots more completed origami projects to share here in future!