Today I spent an awesome afternoon with fellow Twitterers, librarians and crafters Ruth, Kim and Zaana when we met up for a #creativebarter swap session.

I've described #creativebarter in a previous blog entry - basically we swap items that utilise our own special creative skills. Kim creates amazing crochet pieces, Ruth makes gorgeous pottery, and Zaana is a talented artist and print maker. Oh, and I cross stitch amongst other things :)

I'd like to extend my personal thanks to Zaana for being such a great travelling companion (I talked her ear off on the train and tram) and for her delicious mini quiches :) Thank you to Ruth for hosting our little event, and for generously providing us with passionfruit sponge, homemade bread, rum balls and lime ice cream! And thank you *so much* to Kim for exhibiting great patience in teaching us all how to start off crocheting, and for sharing her Kiwi onion dip :)

Here are some photos of the goodies that we swapped today:

Kim's loot -

Kim's loot - creative barter (2010)

Zaana's loot -

Zaana's loot - creative barter (2010)

Ruth's loot -

Felt Pirate Mouse

There are a few related blog posts in the pipeline - tomorrow I'll post about our beginners' crochet attempts. I'll also be posting the pattern for the teapot cross stitch that you can see amongst Kim's loot, as well as the recipe for the coconut macaroons that were my contribution to the feast :)

Again, thank you lovely ladies for a wonderful afternoon of your conversation and company :)