Last year my colleagues and I put together a fun library orientation program for students that involved treasure hunts, QR codes, animated videos and more. It was a great project to work on, and I've previously blogged about it HERE.

As part of the online version of the treasure hunt, we used video clips that I created with an online tool called Blabberize. They were silly, and they made students laugh - which was exactly the reaction we'd hoped for. They were also a hoot to play during the conference presentations that we later delivered on this project :)

To create the videos, I used an image of an animal (each entry mode for the treasure hunt had a different animal mascot) that was based on either free clipart or Creative Commons licensed photos from Flickr that allowed remixing and reusing with appropriate attribution. I then "cartoonified" the images using the BeFunky online photo editor. Finally, I uploaded each image to Blabberize, selected a mouth area, and recorded a voiceover.

Here's one of the videos that we used in the treasure hunt:

Note: I've embedded the video that I uploaded to YouTube so that it can be viewed on any device. You can also embed directly from the Blabberize site, but the video is Flash so not everyone can see it properly. It's great that Blabberize offer a conversion to video option!

Any image that has a mouth can be converted into a fun Blabberize video. While I was playing around with the tool, I even "blabberized" myself for the Daily Image 2011 project :)

I'm sure you could think of some creative uses for it too!