I enjoy watching Doctor Who, although I'm not a mad keen fan - it veers a little too close to horror for me sometimes ;). But it's a show that holds a very special place in my memories, so I will always have a soft spot for it. The recent series with David Tennant as the Doctor has also been excellent - a wonderful reinvention of the show :)

I remember Doctor Who being aired in the 6.30pm time slot on the ABC when I was a kid. I have especially fond memories of watching it during the summer holidays at my Nan's house in Sorrento. We would have finished our dinner and bathtime by 6.30pm, after which we would all settle in together for Doctor Who (they were probably repeats being shown over summer). Nan would crack open a jar of salted peanuts - the only time we were allowed to have them. After Doctor Who, the ABC News theme song was the signal for bedtime, and it was many years before I was able to rid myself of that association!

As I mentioned, Doctor Who sometimes has an element of horror and I remember lying awake slightly terrified after some episodes! I have vivid memories of nightmares about giant glowing green larva (a search on Google reveals that they were probably Wirrn from The Ark in Space, back when Tom Baker was the Doctor).

My favourite Doctor was the Fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison. I thought he was terribly dashing and witty. If I ever watch any of those old episodes again, I do hope that reality is not too far from my memories :). I got a real kick out of a Children in Need special which brought Peter Davison's Doctor together with David Tennant's Doctor. It was an absolute blast!

P.S. I was going to end the post there, but then I remembered another fantastic video that was made in between the old and new series of Doctor Who. It was a Comic Relief special starring Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor and Jonathan Pryce as the Master. And a few other pretty cool guests too :). There are restrictions against embedding it, but you can view it HERE.