'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house ...

Nope. No silence here. It's more like a madhouse - we're running around trying to get everything done in time. And then when we realise that there's no way we *can* get everything done in time, we start compromising and working out what's still possible in the time available! Why does Christmas always seem to creep up so fast?!?!

Tim and I have both been slaving away in the kitchen for much of the day. We're having Christmas Eve dinner with my family tonight, and Christmas Day lunch with Tim's family tomorrow. But there's still lots to do, because although we're only contributing part of each day's meal, we have to do it twice. I've made a vegetarian main course and the hard sauce. Tim cooked the pudding a couple of weeks ago, and today has been making hommus for tomorrow, as well as cooking for gifts.

Anyway, just dashing off this quick blog post before we head to my Mum's place. I hope that everyone has a lovely - and not too busy - Christmas Eve :)