I'm setting myself a challenge for December - an Advent calendar of blog entries! I'm going to write one blog post every day until Christmas. It may be a full blog entry, or just a short one with maybe a photo or a thought. But I'll post something here every day.

I got the idea from the title of a blog post by Dörte Böhner, who I follow on Twitter (@bibliothekarin). And since I first saw the link to that blog post on Twitter, I think Twitter would make a good subject for my first Advent post :)

I joined Twitter back in February. Like many people, I was a bit hesitant to sign up, wondering what the point of it was, and probably worrying that it was going to be a time-waster. Hearing about the use of Twitter by Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) and Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong) finally convinced me to give it a go. It didn't take long to find some personal friends on Twitter, and then I was really ready to begin.

Twitter has turned out to be a lot more valuable than I initially suspected. It has become a professional networking tool, a place to discover people with similar interests, a conversational forum, a sports bulletin, a comedy venue, a go-to place for the latest news and current affairs, a space for talking about what matters to people, an amazing information sharing tool, and a place to make new friends.

My latest tweets can be seen on the Twitter widget on my website, or you can visit me at @sallysetsforth :)