I thought I would be too tired again to blog tonight, but I've just seen Steph's post called "Magneto-grrl" and inspiration struck! Thanks Steph :)

I'm also a collector of fridge magnets, accumulated during my travels over the years. Each time I've moved house, arranging them neatly on my fridge has always been one of the small pleasures that I've found in setting up our home.

I prefer to purchase magnets myself, rather than receive them as gifts, as I like to be part of the story that brought them to my home. Each one has a memory attached, and most often they remind me of special places that I've visited.

Fridge magnet collection 2010

This photo was taken in 2010, just after we moved to Darwin the first time. It's grown quite a bit since then, so I suppose I should take another one soon. They've since spread to the freezer and bar fridge though, which will mean more than one photo to capture them all!