Sunday was museum day, and we started out at the Maritime Museum. I have a thing for swashbuckling tales of adventure, so was interested to find out more about Hobart's rich maritime history. More models of ships than I personally needed to see, but great stories made it a worthwhile visit.

Mum and I then went on to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, which provided an interesting combination of fact and fantasy. I loved the Antarctic exhibition, which included a 3D theatrette for viewing some amazing stereoscopic photographs taken by Frank Hurley during Mawson's expedition. In the gallery, the feature exhibition was by artist Patricia Piccinini. Strange stuff indeed.

Our last stop before dinner was the Lark Distillery. I love this little whisky distillery in the heart of Hobart, but I fear my tastes are not refined enough to make it worth the pricetag. And I still have some Cherry Max from my last visit :)

The next day we ventured a little further afield, to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. We saved our feet this time, by taking a water taxi to the gardens. A very nice way to travel! The gardens were beautiful, which wasn't surprising - I think we do Botanical Gardens pretty well in Australia. Highlights included Pete's Vegie Patch (made famous by Pete Cundall on Gardening Australia), the Conservatory, the Subantarctic Plant House and the Japanese Garden.

Botanical Gardens 3 

Botanical Gardens - Pete's Patch 

We caught the water taxi back into town, checking out some of the expensive houses in Sandy Bay on our way. The driver told us that 90% of houses in Hobart have views of the water, and it was easy to believe when viewed from the river and harbour. A trip to Hobart is not complete without fish & chips (or in my case, just the chips) from one of the floating takeaway boats at Sullivan's Cove - so that was our lunch! A wander around Hunter St (the Old Wharf) finished off the afternoon. Hunter St is named after Hunter Island, which was swept up in one of Hobart's many reclamations in the port area and no longer exists in island form.

Our last day was now upon us. We spent the morning visiting a few nooks and crannies that we'd somehow missed in previous travels, such as Franklin Square and some souvenir shops. Then it was off to Hobart airport and homeward bound.

Thanks Mum, for sharing this trip with me :) :)