On May 26, the ALIA Top End group held its annual Library & Information Week dinner, which was combined with the presentation of the 2011 ALIA NT Recognition Award. A great night was had by all :)

This was the second year that the ALIA NT Recognition Award was, well, awarded. A'Mhara Russell from the NT Department of Health Library was named as the winner, for her innovative use and promotion of Web 2.0 technologies in the library.

I was really impressed by the achievements of all of the nominees - there's some really fantastic work going on in Northern Territory libraries. I strongly encourage you to check out the related ALIA Top End blog post to read about the activities that each of the nominees were recognised for. I think you'll be impressed.

Oh yes, my own work team - the liaison librarians at CDU Library - was one of those in the running :) I'll do another blog post shortly on the orientation program that we were nominated for, including our presentation on it at the international m-libraries conference in Brisbane ...

2011 ALIA NT Recognition Award winner A'Mhara Russell

ALIA NT Recognition Award 2011 winner A'Mhara Russell

Representatives of each of the nominees for the 2011 ALIA NT Recognition Award, pictured here with ALIA NT Manager Jayshree Mamtora

ALIA NT Recognition Award 2011 winner and nominees