Yes, yes, I know October is over now ;) I created each "digital story" for the #Octshowntell challenge during October, and posted links on Twitter. It's just taken me a bit longer to showcase them here on my blog ...

Anyway, I thought I'd try something different for the final week of #Octshowntell. I first came across DoInk a couple of years ago, and had been meaning to have a play with it ever since. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

DoInk allows you to create your own animations - you can either do all the drawing yourself, or you can use the wide variety of props that others have made available. I used a bit of both - I drew the snail and butterfly myself, and then made them available for others to use (a couple of other users have already incorporated my butterfly into their own animations).

It's not much of a "story" per se, but it was great fun to make and I felt really pleased with what I produced. I hope you think it's kind of cute too :)

A snail and a butterfly by sallysetsforth, made at

You can view the animation as it appears on the DoInk site HERE.