I've just finished my first seven cards for #ICAD2015 (Index-Card-A-Day). I've been posting them to Flickr and also to Instagram this year. A collage of my first week's efforts is below.

Index-Card-A-Day (#ICAD) 2015 Week 1 round up

It's always difficult for me to think up ideas for this. Even when I have them swirling around in my head, it's not easy to work out the execution. And then to whip something up in an evening after work / commute / dinner / etc. - especially when I'm trying to write a blog post every night too! So sometimes I just practise techniques and see what turns out.

I've been playing around with watercolour paints a lot this year. I'd never been drawn to watercolour as a medium, but it's easy to cover areas with colour quickly, so I've been using it to create backgrounds that I'll add to later on. In the process, I'm learning more about how to use it. It's still very unpredictable for me at this stage. I know I'll be able to control it better after I've had more practice, but right now it's controlling me and I'm actually quite enjoying it! Watercolour has a life of its own, it doesn't always behave as I expect, and it leads me down paths that I didn't intend to follow. All of this is a *good thing*, as #ICAD is a learning experience as much as a creative exercise.